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— Three of the lightweight, easy-to-use, utterly reliable and
great-sounding Marantz PMD660 solid-state recorders using Compact Flash storage
have greatly enhanced news reporting at LA’s premier AOR radio station —

ITASCA, IL, May 10, 2005 — KIIS-FM (102.7), the Los Angeles area’s leading Adult-Oriented Rock radio station, has purchased three Marantz Professional PMD660 Compact Digital Recorders for use in newsgathering and celebrity field reporting. All three PMD660 units have been in use for over three months and the station is delighted with their performance. The PMD660 recorders were sold to KIIS-FM by John Lynch at Broadcast Supply Worldwide (BSW) in the Seattle area. KIIS-FM is a Clear Channel-owned station, based in Burbank, CA.

Michael Callaghan, Chief Engineer at KIIS-FM, remarks, “We’ve been a big fan of Marantz’s equipment for years, so we were definitely eager to get hold of the new PMD660 recorders for our news and reporting operations.” He confirms, “We certainly haven’t been disappointed.”

Callaghan cites the PMD660’s solid-state operation, ease of use and ability to handle 1 GB Compact Flash storage media as reasons why the recorders have so quickly become must-have tools with KIIS-FM’s reporters and editors. “KIIS-FM is known as a music station, so in addition to news, our reporters will be out in the field doing celebrity interviews that we’ll broadcast later,” he explains. “The PMD660 sounds great, which is important for a music station, and is incredibly reliable, so we bring it back here, load the Flash card into one of our workstations, edit, and within minutes we can be on the air. They’re also great on remote broadcasts because they’re so light.”

The Marantz Professional “hand-held” PMD660 Compact Digital Recorder is based on the PMD670 Solid State Recorder, and offers many of the same features found in the larger unit, including solid-state recording with no moving parts, easy one-touch digital recording to Compact Flash cards or microdrives, and a built-in microphone with Automatic Level Control (ALC). The PMD660 can record WAV files for high-resolution sound and excellent music fidelity, and in the MP3 format which offers enormous recording capacity with extremely intelligible sound quality. And the PMD660 delivers all this in a lightweight “hand-held” compact format, easily carried to the front of the news action and able to record for hours running on standard AA batteries.

“The PMD660 is a long way from the old cassette decks we used to use for these applications years ago,” notes Callaghan, adding: “The PMD660 was worth waiting for.”

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