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Riverdale Village Clerk
Joyce Forbes

Riverdale Village Board


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— Riverdale Village Clerk relies exclusively on Marantz PMD670 to document all
Village Board sessions and municipal court proceedings —

ITASCA, IL, March 4, 2005 — Riverdale, Illinois Village Clerk Joyce Forbes doesn’t take chances when it comes to complying with state law. Following a mandate by the Illinois legislature requiring local governments to maintain an audio- or videotape of closed sessions, Forbes was faced with selecting a recorder that she could count on for absolute reliability. The $20 tape recorder recommended to her clearly wasn’t up to the task. “I’ve tried that,” she says. “They’re unwieldy to maintain, and what if the tape jams or the batteries run out in the middle of the session? Then there are gaps and it no longer meets the legal requirement for a verbatim record.”

Forbes found exactly what she was looking for at a Municipal Clerks of Illinois conference: the Marantz PDM670 professional solid-state recorder. The state-of-the-art PMD670 delivers the reliability Forbes was after — there are no moving parts, no tapes to break or run out during a session, and best off all, it’s affordable for tight budgets. According to Forbes, “The clerks I talked to at the conference were glowing about Marantz. I called to learn more and I realized there was an array of uses for the Village that I just hadn’t thought about.”

For long meetings, such as municipal ordinance hearings, the PMD670 has proven ideal. “These sessions run longer than a tape lasts, but I have a 17-hour flash card that allows me to record more than one thing on the card,” Forbes notes. “Every time you start recording, it creates a new track that you can burn by itself to a CD.”

A savvy shopper, Forbes visited a tradeshow to compare a competitor’s product. “The other unit involved a laptop and speakers that were tied into the audio system in the room,” she says. “I needed something much more portable and easy to use. Besides that, the software I was looking at was much more expensive than I could ever budget for.”

The PMD670 is a self-contained unit that requires no software. It records to flash cards similar to those used in digital cameras. The recordings can be transferred to a computer for archival to CD using a simple USB connection.

While the PMD670 is easy to operate, Forbes is grateful for the high-quality customer service Marantz provides. “I embrace technology,” she relates. “But even though I’d read the manual inside and out and had even highlighted sections, I still had some questions when I first started. The Marantz representatives were very, very kind in helping to walk me through some of my issues.”

Forbes hasn’t hesitated to be a strong advocate for the Marantz PMD670; she’s recommended it to others such as the Riverdale School District. “They watched a demonstration and they bought it, too — even though they’d already bought a little tape recorder,” she remarks. “I’ve had this a couple of months now and I’m still totally sold on it.”

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