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— Rackmountable workhorse provides CD-R and CD-RW recording
and CD and MP3 playback —

WINTER NAMM SHOW, ANAHEIM, CA, January 19, 2006 — Since its early beginnings Marantz Professional has been the undisputed leader in professional rackmountable compact disc recorders/players. Now with the CDR632, the latest in the line that commenced with the CDR600 in 1992, Marantz makes full-featured CD recording technology available to virtually any installation. The CDR632 hosts a long list of the features most demanded by the professional installation market.

Professional features include sync (level-dependent) recording, and programmable auto fade-in and auto fade-out recording. Tracks may be incremented manually from the front panel or the included remote control, or by using Adjustable Marantz Minute Track Mode to set various Time- or Level-dependent Auto Track Increments

Virtually any CD-R recordable or CD-RW re-recordable disc media may be used for recording, and the CDR632 can also playback un-finalized CD-R and CD-RW discs — users can even un-finalize CD-RW discs and add to them. Data and digital audio disc formats are supported for both CD-R and CD-RW. MP3 playback is available from CDs, allowing for extremely long playback times. There is a handy MP3 directory feature for easy navigation to the exact file the user wants to play. CD text display is supported, and CD text may be entered from the front panel.

The CDR632 is designed from the ground up for installation applications in a variety of venues. Features such as power-on play allow audio to begin playing back as soon as the unit is powered up. Four playback modes — Continuous, Shuffle, Programmable, and Single-play — enable the unit to excel in any type of situation; the unique single-play function plays back just the selected track, then stops — a great feature when a performer or speaker is running the unit without the assistance of an engineer.

The CDR632 offers a variety of input and output formats for maximum connectivity in any installation situation. Stereo analog I/O’s are provided, as are RCA and TOSlink digital I/O in S/PDIF format. Integrated sample rate conversion is also a standard feature.

The moderately priced Marantz CDR632 requires only two rackspaces, making it perfect for tight installations. The CDR632 also includes a remote control.

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