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— Additional band allows more systems to be used simultaneously while ensuring end users interference-free performance from coast to coast with true diversity operation —

NAMM WINTER SESSION, ANAHEIM, CA, January 15, 2004 — Audio-Technica announces the availability of an additional frequency band for its leading UHF wireless microphone systems and accessories, including the Artist Elite® Wireless Series and 3000 Series UHF Wireless Systems. The introduction of the 540-565 MHz frequency range (TV channels 25-30) allows more systems to be used simultaneously, provides more options for users in areas with extensive RF congestion, and underscores Audio-Technica’s commitment to the development of wireless microphone systems in all market segments.

Audio-Technica’s acclaimed 5000 and 4000 Series Artist Elite Wireless Systems and its popular 3000 Series True Diversity Wireless Systems now come standard with two hundred selectable UHF channels in each of two available frequency bands, the 540-565 MHz range (TV channels 25-30) and 655-680 MHz range (TV channels 44-49). The newly available
500 MHz frequency range is Audio-Technica’s C Band, with corresponding “C” product designations; the 600 MHz frequency range is A-T’s D Band, which is tagged with “D” in product designations.

The new 500 MHz band frequencies are also compatible with Audio-Technica’s recently introduced ATW-A49 UHF Wideband Directional Log Periodic Dipole Array (LPDA) antennas. Operating in the 440-900 MHz range, the ATW-A49 provides enhanced signal pickup, 6 dB gain, and comes standard with 5/8-inch-27 thread mounting hardware for permanent
wall-mount installation or attaching to a microphone stand. A-T’s new AEW-DA550C active unity-gain antenna distribution systems offer further options for Band C operation, with two
1-in, 4-out RF channels for connecting a pair of antennas to as many as four diversity receivers. Additionally, Audio-Technica’s extensive line of RF cables features the flexibility to work with A-T’s wireless microphone systems and accessories in all available frequency ranges.

Audio-Technica continues to make available the most current information on wireless microphone systems operation. End users can go to the A-T Web site and view two interactive online applications: “Selecting A-T Frequencies” (only for A-T wireless systems) permits users to enter the zip/postal code where they will be using the wireless system, and receive information on which frequencies are compatible with broadcast television stations operating in that area. The second interactive section, “Checking Frequency Compatibility,” allows users to enter up to 30 frequencies in order to check for possible intermodulation interference problems between systems when multiple systems are in use. The Audio-Technica U.S. home page can be accessed at: www.audio-technica.com.

Commenting on the new addition of the Band C frequencies, Audio-Technica’s Marketing Director of Retail, Live Sound & Studio, Gary Boss, stated, “With the launch of the C Band frequencies, A-T now provides even more options for those wireless users who want to ensure trouble-free performance night after night. When you add the C Band frequencies to our existing systems, you get maximum operational flexibility with minimum hassles. These new frequencies allow more systems to be used simultaneously, as well as provide frequency options for today and well into the future as digital television (DTV) continues coming online.”

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