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— A-T Artist Elite® 5000 Series Wireless System takes center stage
on Hoobastank’s European The Reason Tour —

117th AES CONVENTION, SAN FRANCISCO, CA, October 28, 2004 — The edgy yet melodic post-grunge of Hoobastank has become a hit worldwide, as the band relies on Audio-Technica mics to deliver knockout performances on stages throughout North America and Europe. Currently trekking through Europe on The Reason Tour, Hoobastank’s lead vocalist Doug Robb is using the A-T Artist Elite® 5000 Series Wireless System with an AEW-T3300 capsule, providing great sound for his dynamic vocals without ever missing a beat. Drummer Chris Hesse has a pair of Audio-Technica ATM63HE dynamics mics on the top and bottom of his snare, the dual-element AE2500 on his kick drum, an AE5100 on his hi-hat and ride cymbals, and the AE3000 on his rack toms. The AT4050 microphones Hesse uses as overheads are also employed by guitarist Dan Estrin on his guitar amps, while bassist Markku Lappalainen utilizes the AT4047/SV.

While he loves working with the tremendously varied sonic palette that this array of A-T microphones affords, Brendon Brown, Hoobastank’s Tour Manager and FOH Mixer for the band’s last two tours, says the AE3000 is his personal favorite. “It’s great-sounding and durable,” Brown notes, citing the two most critical characteristics of any touring microphone. Explaining that he attaches the AE3000 to Hesse’s rack toms using Latin Percussion’s “Claws” microphone holders, he adds, “The AE3000 stays on axis throughout the whole performance. Chris is a very aggressive drummer live, and these mics can deliver the true tonal qualities of his kit without a lot of EQing. They also can take a direct hit with a stick and stay put.” Hesse elaborates, “We used to have another brand of mic on the drums, but after a song or two they would be all over the place. And with all four band members being on in-ear monitoring, it would get frustrating because the whole drum mix would change. With the AE3000, we do not have that problem because they are designed with durable mounting in mind.” Brown affirms, “He’s now a much happier drummer now.”

Brown also likes to work with the combination of the Audio-Technica 5000 Series Wireless System and AEW-T3300 handheld transmitter. “Doug’s live vocal dynamics go from soft and somber on songs like ‘The Reason’ and ‘Disappear’ to full-out screaming on ‘Pieces’ and ‘Out of Control,’” he remarks. “The 5000 Series can keep up with clarity and no capsule distortion. All the A-T microphones deliver a very clear and accurate representation of the instruments they are assigned to. This allows me as an engineer to create a more accurate audio image of the band’s sound.”

Photo Caption: Audio-Technica endorsers Hoobastank perform live. Photo by Jacques Brautbar/Whitegirlphotography.com. (This photo is property of Jacques Brautbar/ Whitegirlphotography.com and may be used by the press only for the purpose of one-time reproduction. Unauthorized use or alteration of this image is strictly prohibited.)

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