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WINTER NAMM SESSION, ANAHEIM, CA, January 20, 2005 — Jazzophiles and foodies meet in harmony at the new JAZZIZ Bistro in Hollywood, Florida. Opened in December 2004, JAZZIZ Bistro has enjoyed rave reviews from its discerning patrons and distinguished performing artists alike. The strategic partnership between jazz moguls Lori and Michael Fagien of JAZZIZ Omnimedia, building construction expert Gerard Klauder, and Burt Rapoport of Classic Cuisine Concepts has afforded a unique combination of top-tier dining and live music in an exciting, synergistic environment. To ensure uncompromising audio quality for the vital musical aspect of this venue, the pro audio experts brought in by JAZZIZ Bistro implemented an exclusive array of Audio-Technica microphones.

The current A-T mic complement at work in the JAZZIZ Bistro features many of the groundbreaking Artist Elite® Series mics — AE6100 (x 6), AE5100 (x 6), and AE2500 (x 2) — along with cherished stalwarts such as the AT4060 (x 2), AT4050 (x 4), AT4033 (x 2), ATM35a (x 10), ATM25 (x 10), ATM29HE (x 4), and AT815ST (x 2). JAZZIZ Bistro plans to further enhance its remarkable sound system with additional A-T mics, including the company’s critically acclaimed Artist Elite 5000 Series Wireless System.

Jim Gabour, A/V consultant for the expansive project, explained, “The JAZZIZ Bistro & Live Music venue is designed for state-of-the-art professional, studio-quality sound-capturing and reproduction. We wanted to both satisfy the absolute world-class musicians the JAZZIZ Bistro will have performing, and to excite the same level of jazzophile listening in the club.” Gabour continues, “With the publishers of JAZZIZ magazine, we were looking for top-of-the-line microphones to capture the music and drive the performance area of the Bistro. We were all familiar with the variety and quality of Audio-Technica microphones, and after considering all the options, chose to use only A-T instruments throughout the venue.”

Working with installation and sound designer Mike Montero, Gabour and rest of the team at JAZZIZ Bistro dedicated themselves to creating a space where live music and fine dining could come together in an ultimate entertainment experience. Montero, who owns and operates the New Orleans-based Fast Take Mobile Recording as well as the installation/service company M. R. Montero Electronics, explains their selection of Audio-Technica mics: “My truck is outfitted with A-T microphones, and I’ve used them with great success in plenty of settings. We needed mics with versatility and straightforward operation for the JAZZIZ Bistro project, so I knew A-T fit the bill. The mics we picked are reliable and make it easy to get great sound — I’ve already had the chance to try the Audio-Technica gear out on a few recordings we’ve done at JAZZIZ, including David Benoit’s performance.” Montero concludes, “They’re very good mics all around, and I’m especially pleased with our choice of the shotgun to capture ambience for the recordings. They’re industry-standard, in my opinion, and give professional results with minimum effort.”

Located at Seminole Paradise on the grounds of the Hollywood, FL Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, this is the first of many planned JAZZIZ locations.

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