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— Chesney uses Audio-Technica Artist Elite® 5000 Series UHF Wireless Systems
to capture his powerful vocal performance —

NAMM SUMMER SESSION, NASHVILLE, TN, July 23, 2004 — Kenny Chesney has earned his success the hard way — spending years making records and touring in support of his albums. Now Chesney is hitting it bigger than ever with chart-topping country and crossover hits. To fully capture the power of his unique sound, Chesney is using Audio-Technica microphones on his sold-out Guitars, Tiki Bars and A Whole Lot of Love Tour, which kicked off in March and has been going strong ever since. Chesney is the latest high-profile touring artist to join the growing roster of Audio-Technica endorsees.

“Kenny never endorses anything, so that tells you a lot about how we’ve all come to rely on
A-T microphones on this tour,” says Phillip Robinson, Monitor Mixer with Chesney and his band for the last four years. “These microphones are as road-worthy as we all are, and they prove it every night.”

The band is using a wide array of A-T microphones, including Audio-Technica’s Artist Elite® 5000 Series UHF Wireless System (AEW-5233) that Robinson says Chesney has found to be his vocal soul mate. “We have never, ever had a dropout with that microphone system, and the audio quality is pristine,” he says. “It’s simply amazing.” Other A-T microphones on the tour include an AEW-5111 wireless on the fiddle, six AT4040s on guitar amps, and six Artist Elite AE3300 microphones on background vocals.

A-T microphones came to the Kenny Chesney tour via bandleader/drummer Sean Paddock, also a long-time Audio-Technica user. Paddock’s kit on this tour uses the Artist Elite AE2500 on kick drum, a pair of AT4050s on overheads, four ATM25s on toms, and two AE5100 microphones on the hi-hat. “I loved the way Sean’s drums sounded using the A-T mics, and that’s how they became the vast majority of what we use on this tour,” Robinson says. “Ever since we switched to A-T, we’ve found that the company’s support has been every bit as good as their microphones. They’ve always been there for us, and that counts for a lot on the road.”

Photo Caption: Kenny Chesney performs with Audio-Technica’s Artist Elite® 5000 Series UHF Wireless System using the AEW-T3300 handheld condenser. Photos by Phillip Robinson. (These photos are property of Phillip Robinson and may be used by the press only for the purpose of one-time reproduction. Unauthorized use or alteration of these images is strictly prohibited.)

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