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— Audio-Technica has chosen this Winter NAMM Show to introduce new microphone, guitar and speaker cables, as well as redesigned packaging for the company’s Wireless Essentials® and other pro-grade accessories, reflecting the same bold style as the new microphone, guitar and speaker cables. The attention-grabbing packaging, designed by A-T’s award winning graphics department, was specifically created to stand out on the MI sales floor and act as a silent salesperson, while continuing to provide dealers with an additional source of revenue capitalizing on the strength of the legendary Audio-Technica brand.

Two high-quality levels of microphone cables are offered, Premium and Value.

The Premium Microphone Cables (XLRF-XLRM) are engineered for maximum signal transfer and minimum loss. Designed for low-impedance operation, these balanced cables feature heavy-duty construction (24-gauge stranded copper conductors) and professional Neutrik® connectors. To protect signal quality, each conductor has an individual spiral shield inside the molded insulated sheath. A conductive PVC layer inside each shield dissipates static buildup during flexing. A wide variety of cable lengths are available ranging from 1.5' to 100'; all Audio-Technica Premium Microphone Cables come with a limited lifetime warranty.

The A-T Value Microphone Cables are available in two configurations (XLRF-1/4" and XLRF-XLRM) and are engineered to deliver outstanding reliable, durable performance. An economical introduction to the Audio-Technica line of quality cable, the Value Microphone Cables are backed by a 5-year warranty and come in a wide variety of lengths ranging from 10' to 25' (XLRF-1/4") and 10' to 50' (XLRF-XLRM).

A Premium Instrument Cable line is also being shown that is engineered for maximum signal transfer and minimum loss. Featuring a braided copper shield and conductive PVC inner shield to protect cable signal quality with 100% coverage, the A-T Premium Instrument Cables comprise professional high-quality 1/4" connectors with strain relief, dual jacket design and 24-gauge stranded copper conductors. A wide variety of cable lengths are available ranging from 1.5' to 30'; a 0.5" length with right angle 1/4" connectors is also offered. The Premium Instrument Cables come with a limited lifetime warranty.

From leading-edge connectors to heavy gauge copper conductors, all elements of Audio-Technica Premium Speaker Cables are designed to provide extraordinarily detailed natural sound reproduction. Four configurations are available: 1/4"-1/4"; 1/4"-dual Banana plug; Speakon®-1/4"; and Speakon-Speakon. Every Premium Speaker Cable features 14-gauge cable for maximum signal transfer and minimum loss, with high-quality connectors to ensure superior signal integrity and outstanding strain relief, durable PVC jackets, and extra flexibility for ease of use and storage. As do all Audio-Technica Premium Cables, these Speaker Cables come with a limited lifetime warranty. The Premium Speaker Cables are available with cable lengths as follows: 1/4"-1/4", 3' to 50'; 1/4"-dual Banana plug, 10' to 50'; Speakon-1/4", 5' to 50'; and Speakon-Speakon, 5' to 50'.

Audio-Technica has additionally upgraded its professional accessories, including Wireless Essentials microphones and cables, with a stylish, attractive clear plastic clamshell point-of-purchase package design. Full specifications/features are provided for the microphone products and complete compatibility charts for accessories. This attention-grabbing packaging is designed to stand out on the sales floor and provide dealers a convenient way to display the comprehensive line of A-T accessories.

The Wireless Essentials and accessories with redesigned packaging, as well as the new cables, will be available in February 2005.

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Celebrating over 40 years of audio excellence worldwide, Audio-Technica is a leading innovator in transducer technology, renowned for the design and manufacture of microphones, wireless microphones, headphones, mixers, and electronics for the audio industry.

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