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STOW, OH, September 15, 2005 — Grammy®-winning mixer/engineer Rafa Sardina has worked in nearly every musical genre, earning seven Grammy Awards and a multitude of credits with diverse, high-profile artists. His impressive client list includes Macy Gray, Dr. Dre, Alejandro Sanz, Mariah Carey, Soul Coughing, Luis Miguel and Sheryl Crow. In his experiences collaborating on numerous certified Platinum albums, Sardina has found a brand of microphone that consistently meets his demands for premium performance — Audio-Technica.

Sardina’s talents are in demand around the world, which has given him the opportunity to do sessions in top studios like Abbey Road, Cello, Hit Factory, Chalice and the Record Plant. Recently, Sardina opened his own studio, After Hours, in Woodland Hills, CA. Sardina conceived After Hours to offer creative freedom with the choicest tools of the trade; it is his ideal environment for recording albums of uncompromising sound quality and unquestionable appeal. Audio-Technica mics are a staple in his new studio. Sardina notes, “These days I use the Audio-Technica AT4060 and AT4050 more than any other mics in my collection. They are such warm-sounding mics, but with the right amount of bite.”

Sardina’s array of A-T mics also includes the acclaimed AT4047/SV, AE3000 and AE2500. He comments on an unusual mic application that brought worthwhile results: “Using the AE3000 literally mounted underneath a drum riser created an astonishing effect.” He clearly has a favorite model, though, and confirms, “The AT4060 is a spectacular mic on anything. It works wonders on vocals, guitar, as an overhead or room mic for drums. I don’t go anywhere without my AT4060. It has become an essential part of my set-up.”

Sardina, who plays guitar and bass, is quick to point out the importance of the network of top players, songwriters and arrangers that he has come to know over the years. “I also value having good tools like A-T microphones. That way, I can be sure of the quality of sound that I’m looking for no matter where I’m recording,” says Sardina.

Sardina decided to have his own place in order to accommodate a wider range of client budgets and still be able to spend most of his time doing what he loves — mixing, engineering and producing. "And of course, I’m pleased to have a great selection of A-T microphones at After Hours," says Sardina.

For more information on Sardina’s latest projects and the goings-on at After Hours, please visit www.rafasardina.com.

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Photo Caption: Rafa Sardina is shown with an Audio-Technica AT4060 cardioid condenser tube microphone at his new After Hours Studio in Woodland Hills, CA. Photo by Ed Freeman. (This photo is property of Ed Freeman and may be used by the press only for the purpose of one-time reproduction. Unauthorized use, alteration or reproduction of this photograph is strictly prohibited.)

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