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— Genelec 7073A active sub offers a new sonic dimension to Chicago studio that has become a magnet for the next generation of hip-hop stars —

— Hinge Owner and mixer for Kanye West’s Late Registration LP says
West and Genelec “raise the bar” for sound —

119th AES CONVENTION, NEW YORK, NY, October 7, 2005 — Craig Bauer, Owner of the Chicago studio Hinge, mixed several of the key tracks on Kanye West’s best-selling record Late Registration, which sold an incredible 1.4 million copies during the first two weeks of its release in September. Late Registration was mixed largely at Hinge, where prior to the mix sessions Bauer purchased and installed a Genelec 7073A Active Subwoofer. “It has made a huge difference here,” says Bauer. “Hip-hop is all about feeling the low end, and that’s something the 7073 sub really lets you do.”

West called upon Bauer, a long-time collaborator, to mix a slew of tracks for the album, including “Addiction,” “Roses,” “Late,” and “Heard ‘Em Say” — the third single from Late Registration — though their association goes back well before that. West began working with Bauer at Hinge in 1998 with a group called the Go Getters. Over the next several years, he produced beats at Hinge for a number of established artists including Puff Daddy, Lil’ Kim, Da Brat, and Wu Tang Clan and has been a regular at the studio ever since.

Also a regular feature at Hinge are Genelec monitors. A pair of Genelec 1034B Active Main Monitors are the primary monitoring system in the control room, and other Genelec models in use there include 1034A, 1031A and 1032A models. The addition of the Genelec 7073A sub is the perfect match for the wave of new hip-hop artists the studio is attracting, including Atlantic Records performers Lupe Fiasco and Bump J.

The Genelec 7073A sub was the perfect tool for West’s precise and thorough manner of recording. “Kanye is very meticulous about his work,” remarks Bauer. “I would get a call at 1 a.m. from him asking me to turn up kick number two by 2 dB. The Genelec 7073 responds to that by giving Kanye and other clients the ability to get incredibly deep and accurate bass sounds, a key to hip-hop recordings. Kanye raises the bar for record-making, and Genelec speakers raise the bar for how records can sound.”

The Genelec 7073A active subwoofer is a powerful and precise bass reproduction tool for large surround-sound or stereo installations. Its 19 Hz lower cut-off frequency and 124 dB sound pressure output capability are sufficient to handle the most demanding high SPL applications. All electronics are integrated into the subwoofer cabinet: active crossover filters, driver overload protection circuits and power amplifiers.

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Genelec, the pioneer in Active Monitoring technology, was founded in 1978 and has concentrated its efforts and resources into the design and manufacturing of active monitoring loudspeakers with unparalleled sonic accuracy. Genelec has been credited with promoting the concept of active monitors, a trend in technology that some manufacturers are just now incorporating into their products. Genelec has a complete line of active main, mid-field, and near-field monitors for application in the postproduction, project studio, broadcast, TV, and CD mastering markets.

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