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— Cherry Beach Sound’s $1 million renovation included outfitting the
state-of-the-art Control Room A with a large-scaled soffit-mounted 5.1 monitoring array comprised of Genelec 1034B speakers and 7073A sub —

— New installation continues Cherry Beach Sound’s success with Genelec:
1031A speakers are the near-field monitors in Control Room B —

— Cherry Beach Sound, Toronto’s leading audio recording and post production facility, has completed a $1 million renovation that included the creation of the first-ever soffit-mounted main monitor 5.1 surround array in Canada. Mounted in permanent soffits, which were designed by Martin Pilchner of renowned facility designers Pilchner-Schoustal International, are four Genelec 1034B monitors, a Genelec 1034BC in the center-speaker position, and a Genelec 7073A sub installed beneath the 56-input SSL 6000 console in the new flagship mixing room, Control Room A.

The 30,000-square-foot facility first opened in 1982 and today houses 3 video suites, 11 rehearsal rooms, a rental department for film and television production equipment, and a repair shop, in addition to its 2 control rooms and live studio. “The success of this facility is due to its versatility and its technology, which is always at the leading edge,” explains Studio Owner/Manager Carman Guerrieri. “We chose the Genelec speakers for our soffit-mounted surround monitoring array because they are the best-designed speakers available today and they are the speakers that people who know music want to use.”

Guerrieri notes that the permanently installed 5.1 array is the first of its kind anywhere in Canada. This combination of Genelec monitors, he adds, “is capable of producing the full range of musical audio to the threshold of feeling at both the frequency extreme — 19 Hz at the bottom end — and at the amplitude extreme — over 125 dB SPL per unit. It’s quite remarkable.” The Genelec monitors are part of an incredibly solid acoustical infrastructure for Control Room A. Massive 6-ton glass walls on both sides of the corridor separate the control room from the 900-square-foot studio and augment already heavy-duty architecture: Cherry Beach Sound is located in a former munitions factory built in 1911 in the heart of Toronto’s port area. Since it was originally constructed as a bomb factory, its outer walls are 18 inches thick, providing a high degree of acoustical isolation. “We went overboard with the monitors, we got the very best that Genelec offers,” says Guerrieri, “and the results are fabulous.”

Cherry Beach Sound has completed a number of notable projects since installing the new Genelec monitoring system, including work for David Usher (Universal), onlyforward (Kindling/EMI), Cheap Suits, and Gavin Bradley (leftHook Entertainment), as well as mixing for several national ad spots.

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Genelec, the pioneer in Active Monitoring technology, was founded in 1978 and has concentrated its efforts and resources into the design and manufacturing of active monitoring loudspeakers with unparalleled sonic accuracy. Genelec has been credited with promoting the concept of active monitors, a trend in technology that some manufacturers are just now incorporating into their products. Genelec has a complete line of active main, mid-field, and near-field monitors for application in the postproduction, project studio, broadcast, TV, and CD mastering markets.

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—For more information on the complete range of Genelec Active Monitoring Systems, contact:
Genelec Inc., 7 Tech Circle, Natick, MA 01760. Tel: (508) 652-0900; Fax: (508) 652-0909;
Web: http://www.genelecusa.com/.

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