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— Company shows latest AudioCore v8.00 at AES —

119th AES CONVENTION, NEW YORK, NY, October 7, 2005 — If you talk to live sound engineers anywhere in the world, the words “XTA” and “AudioCore” will be in their vocabulary. Over the past ten years, it has been the software program of choice to help sound companies set up and run their audio system.

“For ten years, we have been adding things to AudioCore that engineers themselves have requested,” comments XTA Sales and Marketing Manager Guy Lewis. “With the commanding feature set of the new DP428 Audio Management System however, we have had to make a greater step forward than previously.”

The new AudioCore v8.00 software brings a faster graphic interface to the complex control of multiple inputs, outputs and filtering. An end user can now have a network of over 1,000 DP428 outputs to control, plus hundreds of filter and crossover combinations within each unit. Keeping things simple has been top of the design list for XTA’s R & D department.

The new program brings “phantom” curve overlays to AudioCore, where each individual band of EQ being applied is highlighted within the overall EQ settings.

Each of the Graphic EQ’s on the inputs of the DP428 has its own screen view, including the ability to select different responses. Lewis continues, “To be able to select either a constant or progressive Q is a very flexible way of working. Both FOH and monitor engineers see the opportunity for the DP428 immediately, as it will make things so much simpler for them.”

AudioCore v8.00 gives users “Grab” areas within the software to make system tuning with tablet PCs faster and easier. “For most of our users, speed is what gets them out of trouble,” notes Lewis. “Either during soundcheck or mid-performance, few people have the luxury of time, so the Grab areas within the EQ screens will be lifesavers.”

Even the matrixing of the DP428 has been made a simple one. “Just right clicking a unit gets you into Properties and you can matrix or gang ins and outs to your heart’s content,” Lewis explains.

“We have been swamped with emails over the last few weeks about the launch date for the new software, and it was great to see it go live on the XTA website on Friday 16th September,” adds Lewis. “When we got in the office Monday, we were also swamped…with Thank You emails from Techs around the world.”

AudioCore v8.00 is available for free download from the XTA web site at www.xta.co.uk.

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