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— XTA DP428 and DP226 digital processors deliver not only great sound but also
act as the interface for PA system’s proprietary box settings —

NSCA EXPO, LAS VEGAS, NV, March 16, 2006 — The famed Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM) has upgraded its sound with the addition of a new PA system, for which XTA DP Series processors play a key role. The new system, 2 years in planning, was installed in 30 days, with the finishing touches put in place on January 12, ready for this season’s performances. The acoustic and technology upgrades were designed and specified by Akustiks, LLC. Equipment, including the XTA processors, was supplied by See Factor.

The renovation of the BAM FOH sound system utilizes L-Acoustics KUDO 3-way line array boxes configured in a main center cluster and left and right ground stacks. Additionally, there are EAW boxes positioned as front fills, box fills, under-balcony fills and mezzanine fills. The system uses L-Acoustics amplifiers. The XTA DP428 handles processing for the PA’s center cluster. One DP226 controls processing for the left and right stacks, and another DP226 does the same for the four subwoofers in the system.

Anthony Nittoli, Principal Sound System Designer for Akustiks, planned to use the XTA DP Series processors for speaker control from the beginning of the design process. However, in addition to the XTA gear’s superb sound quality and expanded feature sets, such as the ability of the DP428 to replace an external router on the front end of the system, Nittoli discovered one more critical application for the DP428. “XTA’s Library Manager feature allows the unit to custom-configure itself to the settings of their boxes,” he explains. “In some cases, some manufacturers place a lot of emphasis on keeping their proprietary settings secure. This can become a problem for system designers who need to achieve as much compatibility as possible between system components. The DP428, though, was able to translate those proprietary settings with a minimum of input from the manufacturer. So everyone wins: the manufacturer is assured that their systems settings remain secure, and we were able to achieve complete interface compatibility and complete control over parameters such as EQ and propagation delay. There’s no other process that could have done that.”

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