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Schermerhorn Symphony Center
Nashville, TN


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— The $120 million Schermerhorn Center, new home to the Nashville Symphony, uses the DP428 for loudspeaker management —

— Akustiks, designer of the Schermerhorn’s sound system, chose the DP428 for its comprehensive feature package, reliable performance and exceptional sound—

NSCA EXPO, LAS VEGAS, NV, March 16, 2006 — In September, the Schermerhorn Symphony Center will open as the new home for the acclaimed Nashville Symphony. In the process, it will give the city of Nashville a new star in its universe of famed sound venues — from the studios of Music Row to the Bluebird Café — and will also set a new standard for what a symphonic space can sound like. Helping to achieve that heightened benchmark is the XTA DP428 digital speaker management system, with performance as remarkable in its own way as the Symphony itself.

The sound system for the Schermerhorn Center, which was named for the late Kenneth Schermerhorn, the longtime director and conductor of the Nashville Symphony, consists of EAW KF761 line arrays flown with eight cabinets per side. This system can also be reconfigured as a single center cluster depending on program requirements. In addition, a speech reinforcement system is available in the hall for use when the larger sound reinforcement system is not employed.

Anthony Nittoli, Principal Sound system Designer at Akustiks, LLC, designed the system, and he is enthusiastic about what the XTA DP428 brings to it. “I’ve been using the XTA processors for ten years, and the DP428 is what we’ve been asking for,” he comments. “It offers the same pristine sound as the previous XTA processors — the DP200, DP202, DP224 and DP226 — but it also adds critical new functionality at the front end of the system. We used to employ stand-alone routers in the signal path, but the DP428 lets us reroute the program within the XTA’s. That eliminates an entire other piece of equipment, which simplifies systems and makes them that much more reliable.”

The PA for the 197,000-square-foot Schermerhorn Center is substantial — it has 120-plus microphone lines that feed an in-house recording control booth and the FOH position, and the DP428 is used as the front end to the entire sound system. “It handles parametric EQ, delays and crossovers for the boxes,” says Nittoli. “I’ve used them in dozens of installations for years and I have never, ever had a single issue with their reliability or their performance. The Schermerhorn is a real showcase venue, and we never even had to think twice about using the DP428. It was simply a given. On this project — on any project — we cannot afford to compromise.”

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