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— Rutherford Design chooses Elektralite my150 moving yoke lighting system and
CP3 and CP10xt controllers to give new dance club a unique and constantly variable look —

When Blush opens in June, the Burlingame, CA, dance club will be getting the most visual impact out of its space, thanks to flexible lighting systems from Elektralite, the leader in affordable, programmable lighting. The design implemented by Rutherford Design of Northridge, CA, which also did Blush’s audio and video systems designs, includes a dozen Elektralite my150 moving yoke fixtures, two CP10xt and two CP3 lighting controllers. Together, this combination of technologies provides more than the sum of its parts, giving the club facility a tremendous real and perceptual advantage.

Eight of the my150 systems are mounted 20 feet above the club’s 15 X 30-foot dance floor, with four more my150s positioned around the edge of the balcony. “The net effect of these lights above the dance floor is that their throw is excellent, in effect stretching out the visual perception of the dance floor,” explains Richard Rutherford, President of Rutherford Design. “The theory is, the client isn't buying the fixture, he’s buying the effect, and the Elektralite my150s provide the sense that the dance floor is substantially larger than it is. That’s a huge benefit to the club.”

The Elektralite CP series of lighting controllers offer similar advantages. One of the CP3 units controls the color cast on the club’s façade, allowing the exterior to change moods as easily as the dance floor itself. The second CP3 system controls the playback of several hundred LED lights and 40 LED fixtures inside the club. “The reason I use the Elektralites for this is that programming is a snap while still offering sophisticated operation,” Rutherford says. “It plays back three macros at the push of a single button. With 99 possible combinations, they can go from mild to wild with a single move. And the CP10xt offers the same kind of power and flexibility.”

Rutherford also stresses other important benefits of the Elektralite systems. “The quality of the systems is superb,” he remarks. “These are the same products I’ve been using in over a dozen movie theater lighting systems I’ve designed over the last seven years, and in that time I’ve never had to replace a single one, despite that fact that they’ve been on constantly for 16 to 20 hours a day, day in and day out. For the cost, there is nothing on the market that can match that kind of performance.” Rutherford concludes, “The boys at Elektralite have done a stupendous job of quality control. As a result, the systems are priced like the bargain of the industry, without ever compromising performance. For maintenance-free operation like this, you can’t beat it.”

For more information on Rutherford Design, visit www.rutherforddesign.com.

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