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— New moving yoke fixture features onboard control and spinning gobos —

FARMINGDALE, NY, August 19, 2004 — Elektralite adds to its comprehensive range of fixtures with the Elektric Eye, which combines the latest innovations in concept lighting with the quality and reliability that define the Elektralite brand. This new fixture is designed to easily adapt to a variety of applications, offering advanced functionality and straightforward, flexible operation. The Elektric Eye was created in response to the growing demand for high-performance, customizable lighting products, and represents a continuation of Elektralite’s commitment to developing progressive market-driven solutions.

Employing the powerful MSD 250/2 or HSD250 lamp, the fixture has an incredibly wide beam angle of 19 degrees, enabling a greater area to be covered more effectively. The DMX-controlled Elektric Eye can pan 630 degrees and tilt 265 degrees with 16-bit resolution. It features a stunning color wheel that offers 8 colors, along with bi-colors and rainbow effect. The fixture also incorporates 6 rotating, indexable gobos for amazing projections, a dimmer and strobe. The digital address and display allows for a variety of functions to be accessed easily, including lamp control (on/off), pan and tilt reverse, lamp hours and fixture hours. The Elektric Eye can also be set to run without a controller by downloading cues into the Elektric Eye’s onboard processor for automatic replay. Additionally, the Elektric Eye can be placed in a master/slave configuration or be controlled via a sound input. The Elektric Eye comes complete with mounting hardware including safety cable and a 50-foot DMX cable.

Norman Wright, Vice President of Group One Ltd, the exclusive U.S. distributor for Elektralite, comments, “Lighting plays a critical role in most installations today, and is a tremendous tool for enhancing atmosphere and maximizing the impact of a space. In order to best serve this rapidly evolving market, Elektralite is intent on listening and responding to the needs of our end users. This approach not only ensures a receptive environment for our product line, but has also brought about a number of exciting breakthroughs, translating to exceptional value and expanded capabilities. With the debut of our newest over-achiever, the Elektric Eye, Elektralite demonstrates a solid understanding of the factors that contribute to our ongoing success as an industry leader, delivering a remarkably inclusive product that is well-suited to a range of environments.”

Elektralite fixtures are available direct from Elektralite and through its authorized dealers. To obtain further information, please visit the Elektralite web site at www.myelektralite.com, or contact (516) 249-3662 or info@myelektralite.com.

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Group One Ltd. of Farmingdale, New York is the exclusive U.S. distributor for Blue Sky International, Celestion Professional Products, Elektralite, MC2 Audio Ltd., Optocore, Trantec, and XTA Electronics.

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—For more information on Elektralite, contact Norman Wright, Tel: (516) 249-3662;
Fax: (516) 249-8870; Email: norman.wright@myelektralite.com; Web: www.myelektralite.com

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