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— Massive fixed sound system installation adds an eighth XTA DP226 system controller,
further enhancing a “magnificent sound system in a magnificent theater” —

— Design and installation by A1 Entertainment Services, Inc.
includes fire control system interface —

FARMINGDALE, NY, October 20, 2003 — The Aladdin Theater of the Performing Arts in
Las Vegas has added one more XTA DP226 Speaker Management System to what is one of the largest theaters and sound system installations in an enclosed proscenium venue in the U.S. The Theater, which opened in time for the newly expanded Aladdin’s 2003 New Year’s performance, seats 7,000 between its main floor and balcony — more than the renowned Universal Amphitheater in Los Angeles or the famed Radio City Music Hall in Manhattan. The massive V-DOSC speaker and amplifier system, which was designed and installed by A1 Entertainment Services, Inc. of Las Vegas, features consistently reliable and accurate zone control imparted by the XTA DP226 units.

“They’re well-designed linchpins of what is a magnificent sound system in a magnificent theater,” observes Al Siniscal, Sound Designer for A1 Entertainment Services, and an electrical engineer registered in both Nevada and California. Siniscal implemented the DP226 units as the controllers for the various audio zone systems in the Aladdin Theater. These areas include the main and distant left, center, and right speaker clusters, front fill, dressing rooms, and other backstage feeds. The most recent DP226 purchase provides the Aladdin Theater’s seven existing DP226’s with a backup as well as the means to expand the system, if necessary.

While the DP226 performs as a top-notch system controller, its high degree of programmability and flexibility offers another, equally critical function for this system design. Siniscal has programmed the DP226 to interface with the Aladdin’s complex and sophisticated fire control system. Should the need arise, once the appropriate signal is generated by the fire control system, the DP226 units will automatically either attenuate or shut off the audio system’s output level, assuring that patrons can hear safety officials’ instructions.

“It’s a very elegant and beautiful sound system, one which nicely complements the facility that it’s in,” says Siniscal. “Elegance in system design and execution is something we strive for, and the DP226 goes a long way towards helping us achieve that.”

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