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— Segerstrom Concert Hall features a new state-of-the-art PA system with
processing and control by the renowned XTA DP6i Audio Installation Controller —

— Installer deems XTA as the leading choice for system control, citing
simplicity of operation and high degree of flexibility —

The Orange County Performing Arts Center in Costa Mesa, considered the jewel of Southern California performance venues, reopens with stunning, state-of-the-art sound following the complete renovation of its audio system. The centerpiece of the venue’s PA is a new Meyer speaker system, with components controlled by the acclaimed XTA DP6i Audio Installation Controller. The XTA DP6i was specifically chosen by audio consultant G. Thomas Clark of Artec Consultants, a New York-based consulting service for buildings housing the performing arts. Amidst a busy schedule of events at the Center, the installation was handled by Thomas Gregor Associates, an El Segundo, California-based firm specializing in fully integrated design, fabrication, and installation of audio, video, show control, and lighting systems.

The Orange County Performing Arts Center, which opened in 1986, now boasts a sound reinforcement system of the highest caliber, one befitting its status as a world-class performance venue. The new self-powered Meyer system brings state-of-the-art technologies to the space, including Meyer’s MILO and M2D line arrays, MSL-4, CQ-1, UPA, and UPM enclosures. These are each controlled by an XTA DP6i Audio Installation Controller, a unit designed for the most demanding applications of the installed sound market, where audio quality and system control are critical. The Segerstrom Concert Hall at the Orange County Performing Arts Center certainly meets these criteria: the 2,000-seat hall hosts some of the most revered artists of this century and the last.

“Good control of what is a very diverse and sophisticated sound system was very important,” remarks Christian Hugener, Chief Technical Officer at Thomas Gregor Associates. The DP6i controls the systems elements in the main center cluster and under-balcony fills. “These are components of the system that ensure even, accurate dispersion of the sound,” notes Hugener. “Consistent control is absolutely necessary to assure the optimal performance of the system. The DP6i is the perfect match for this system: it offers simplicity of operation and flexibility in terms of wide compatibility with many diverse speaker systems. When the system gets this complex, the simplicity of the DP6i is the perfect counterpoint.”

The dependability and ease of operation that define the XTA DP6i are complemented by a wealth of performance and operational features. The unit has 2 inputs and 6 outputs, both of which have an 8-band parametric equalizer, base delay, and gain control. All outputs feature crossover filters, 5-band parametric equalizer, high and low shelving filters, limiter, and delay. Full metering is provided for inputs and outputs, with a mute button for instant system control in emergencies. Up to 32 DP6i’s can be controlled from a single PC with XTA’s proven AudioCore Windows® control software, with the ability for further units to shadow those 32 ID numbers for an unlimited number of system outputs.

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