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— Sound system upgrade at classic Long Island venue includes
XTA DP224 and DP226 controllers and DS800 Active Mic/Line Splitter —

NSCA EXPO, LAS VEGAS, NV, March 19, 2004 — The classic Patchogue Theatre for the Performing Arts, a facility built in the era of Vaudeville, has emerged from a major sound system upgrade as a revitalized and top-quality venue for live performances. A range of XTA technology plays a critical part in the recently upgraded system, including the acclaimed DP224 and DP226 Speaker Management Systems and DS800 Active Mic/Line Splitter. The XTA equipment is the ideal complement to the Meyer line array sound system, which was specified and installed by Sound Associates, long-time supporters of the XTA line, in conjunction with Bob Edwards, the Theatre’s Production Manager and FOH Mixer. The combined implementation of the XTA gear with a self-powered line array system illustrates how XTA’s advanced technology can enhance the performance of a line array.

“Powered speakers do benefit from good processing,” comments Bob Edwards. “We delay everything from the drum backline monitoring as our starting point on forward. From there, everything is delayed using the XTA DP224 and DP226 units. Not only does it provide the ability to set precise frequency limits for certain speakers, but it’s also a way of distributing signal consistently to get proper phase and timing of the signal. This works especially well in areas like the balcony fills. Because of the nature of the delayed balcony speakers, we had to notch certain frequencies.” Edwards uses the DS800 as a total distribution solution, splitting the signal to the FOH and monitor consoles with additional splits available for other applications, such as the feed to a remote recording truck for a recent benefit concert for the Long Island Music Hall of Fame. “To be able to achieve all of these results from a single supplier is great,” adds Edwards.

Domonic Sack, Executive Vice President of Sound Associates, agrees that the XTA equipment is a perfect companion to the powered line array system his company supplied to the Theatre. “The XTA equipment gives us the perfect technology to solve three main issues,” Sack explains. “They’re excellent for signal distribution and grouping of speakers. Also, they provide a lot of processing power in a single unit, which keeps the number of pieces of outboard gear down, and in the process they keep the overall system operating much more quietly. We’ve been using XTA gear for many years and it’s been a great solution to any number of sound system issues.”

Bob Edwards also cites the excellent support and service he gets from XTA. “They’re always there and they know their stuff,” he remarks. Tom Bensen, Sales Manager at Group One Ltd., XTA’s exclusive U.S. distributor, appreciates how XTA gear can make such a big difference. Bensen notes, “We’re pleased to have such a quality venue in our own backyard and glad that Bob has had such a great experience with the equipment. XTA and Group One have a longstanding relationship with Sound Associates from their extensive work installing sound systems for Broadway and the theater market. It’s great that their design knowledge and XTA technology so often go hand-in-hand in helping venues achieve their full sonic potential.”

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XTA is a British manufacturer of signal processing equipment for the live sound, permanent installations, broadcasting, and recording markets, and is exclusively distributed in the U.S. by Group One Ltd. of Farmingdale, New York. Group One is also the exclusive U.S. distributor for Blue Sky International, Milab Microphones, MC2 Audio Ltd., and Celestion Professional Products, as well as a number of prominent lighting products.

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—For more information on the complete range of XTA products, contact Sue Adamson,
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