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— Key installation of XTA DP226 in Remote Recording’s mobile recording facility shows its stuff at Eric Clapton’s Crossroads festival in Dallas, bringing a
new level of accuracy to main monitoring system —

The XTA DP226 Speaker Management System is all over the live sound map this summer. Leading industry acoustical consulting company SIA Acoustics has installed and optimized a DP226 for Remote Recording, aboard The Silver Studio, David Hewitt’s award-winning mobile truck. The DP226’s debut performance was at the recent Crossroads festival, headlined by Eric Clapton in Dallas, where it performed like a champ. SIA Acoustics also implemented several DP226s as part of a new active monitoring system the company designed for SummerStage, the acclaimed summer series of concerts in New York’s Central Park. There, the DP226s are connected via an Ethernet port to a laptop running SIA’s SMAART® system analysis software package.

For Remote Recording, SIA Acoustics President Sam Berkow sought a digital system processor that could offer multiple functions including crossover and equalization in a single unit, with operation quiet enough to use in the tumultuous environment of a location recording facility. “The XTA DP226 is a great choice in that situation,” says Berkow. “You want a processor that can withstand the rigors of the road — analog crossovers get jostled on the road, but the digital DP226 is rock steady, and at the same time it can deliver studio-level quietness of operation.” Berkow also likes the fact that the DP226 offers independent parametric EQ and delay on both of its inputs and all six of its outputs. “That’s critical because we address the needs of the loudspeakers on the output of the crossovers,” he explains. “And we optimize the interaction of the loudspeakers and the listening environment on the input side. The DP226 covers all the bases. Dave Hewitt has very high technical standards, and he told me that he’s thrilled with the performance of his monitors using the DP226.”

Earlier this summer, SIA Acoustics added XTA DP226 digital controllers on the monitor system the company designed for Central Park’s SummerStage concert series. In redesigning the system from a passive to an active one, SIA Acoustics Partner Steve Sockey engaged a DP226 as the crossover with an Ethernet port into the unit, making it controllable by SIA’s SMAART software system from a laptop. “We set it up at the FOH position and the level of control we now have is astounding,” Berkow remarks. “We’ve been using the DP226 for years in a lot of situations that call for a dedicated controller system, and it performs incredibly well and incredibly reliably.”

Photo Caption: (Shown L-R) David Hewitt of Remote Recording, Wynton Marsalis, and SIA Acoustics President Sam Berkow are pictured aboard The Silver Studio, Remote Recording’s XTA DP226-equipped mobile truck.

Photo Caption: Shown is the front view of Central Park’s SummerStage, which SIA Acoustics outfitted with an XTA DP226 for New York City’s renowned concert series.

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