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— Eight-time Super Bowl PA provider ATK AudioTek employs XTA DP226 and DP224 units for speaker control and processing throughout Alltel Stadium for stunning halftime show —

FARMINGDALE, NY, March 25, 2005 — When Paul McCartney took the stage in the center of Alltel Stadium for the Super Bowl halftime spectacular in Jacksonville, FL last month, the former Beatle’s sound was definitely not what you would have heard in Shea Stadium in 1965. Every note of McCartney’s performance benefited from a cutting-edge PA system designed by provider ATK AudioTek, which chose the XTA DP226 speaker processing system as the heart of its speaker control. Five XTA DP226 processors were used to control 18 carts loaded with JBL VERTEC speaker systems, apportioned into quadrants covering the entire stadium. Additionally, XTA DP224 processors were also used by the monitor system to control foldback to the stage.

“This was a great-sounding show in part because we worked hard to keep the signal path digital for a substantial part of the system,” explains Scott Harmala, Vice President of engineering at ATK AudioTek, which has handled live sound at the Super Bowl for the last eight seasons. ATK AudioTek fielded 42 employees to man two separate PA systems, for entertainment and for stadium announcements. Coming out of a Yamaha PM5D digital console at the FOH position — manned by mixer Patrick Baltzell — the signal remained digital through the QSC RAVE fiber system, distributed to four PA sectors covering the entire stadium. Once at the speaker carts, the XTA DP226 processors took over, providing speaker control, EQ, crossovers and delays. “The DP226 performed as it always done — flawlessly and predictably,” says Harmala. “Our whole company is based on using the XTA DP Series for speaker control. They get the job done perfectly every time.”

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XTA is a British manufacturer of signal processing equipment for the live sound, permanent installations, broadcasting, and recording markets, and is exclusively distributed in the U.S. by Group One Ltd. of Farmingdale, New York. Group One is also the exclusive U.S. distributor for Blue Sky International, Milab Microphones, MC2 Audio Ltd., and Celestion Professional Products, as well as a number of prominent lighting products.

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